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Folklore & Mythology

leprechaunIreland has one of the finest heritages of traditional culture and story. Our folklore and mythology has survived through generations across the world sharing these tales.

TheNationalLeprechaunMuseum-TheGiantsRoomFrom mischievous characters such as the Leprechaun and the mystery of the Tuatha Dé Danann to the dramatic realms of saints and scholars and to the larger than life legends of Cuchulain and the Fianna, The National Leprechaun Museum opens a fascinating window on Ireland and the Irish.

The myths and legends of Ireland overflow with giants and heroes, maidens, battles and brave deeds. In addition to what you may experience at the museum, this site will give an insight into the many adventures in Irish imagination. Explore our resources in each section to the left and be sure to return often as we update our database.

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